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EWG Community is a sacred space I created for you to find empowerment, support, motivation and healing from myself and other like-minded beings from all over the planet.


Connect with your mind, body, and soul through guided mindful movement, meditation, and support from the ELEVATE community. ELEVATE is all about tuning into your body and listening to what it needs. 


ELEVATE Workout LIVE Tuesdays 8am PST

Meditation, Reiki Healing, and Energy Updates LIVE Thursdays 6pm PST + Sundays 9am PST


Access to past ELEVATE Fitness and Meditation Library to feel good whenever you choose.


Members only live community chat to connect with other beings on this journey.

Why I Created Elevate

I developed ELEVATE for those who are working on becoming the best version of themselves from the INSIDE OUT. Our INTERNAL creates our EXTERNAL and the best success happens when we are willing to do the inner work alongside physical fitness.

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What Is The Elevate Class?

In our live meditation, reiki healing, and energy updates we will talk about the planetary alignments, current *energetic updates, and how they affect us individually and collectively.

As a channel, I receive messages and *activations from *higher dimensional beings that I will share with you in our sessions, twice a week.

Through our meditation practice I will offer distance *reiki healing that will assist in clearing and balancing your energy centers, also known as your chakras. All you need to do to prepare is be open to receiving the healing I will send to you. Depending on the focus, we may implement practices around protection and purification of your aura.

At the end of each session we will have an open discussion and Q&A to connect as a community and share our experiences.

*Energetic Updates: Planetary updates on what is happening in our world and how it affects us individually and collectively. These updates will be beneficial in giving you tools to assist you to move forward with more clarity and wisdom.

*Activations: Infusions of light that can cause certain cells in the body to shift and activate changes within your DNA.

*Higher Dimensional Beings: Beings that exist at a higher frequency in higher dimensions.

*Reiki Healing: Energy work that encourages emotional and physical healing by clearing, balancing, and releasing trauma in your energy centers, also known as your chakras.

I first met Gayle at one of her fitness classes in West Hollywood when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Despite the serious sweat sesh, her words and spirit resonated with me so much that I wanted to take her classes again and again. ... It was the best thing I've done for myself during my awakening.

“I connected with Gayle after seeing a post about her on social media from someone I knew who had recently had a session with her. It struck a cord and felt like it was exactly what I needed. I immediately felt connection and confirmation as Gayle and I spoke about her services and the ways I felt stuck. I’m very familiar with reiki but, I have never had a distance healing so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  She is so focused on empowering you to grow and takes an incredible amount of time after an appointment to talk through everything that came up for both of you. I got exactly what was needed and I will certainly be remaining connected to Gayle from here on out! She will help you push beyond your own limits and it’s wonderful to be around someone who understands how challenging a growth space can be sometimes. If there is anything in you that is expressing a need for change, then you are exactly where you are meant to be! Faith R. Colorado
I absolutely love Gayle. She is a very positive healer and a wonderful source of energy and light. You can feel her warm energy the second you walk through the door. Reiki helped me feel grounded and emotionally at peace. I came to Gayle for Chakra balancing, and clarity and childhood trauma.
I had my second session two days ago and this has changed my life. I am aware of my emotions and I am more alert and present. I have learned to let go of any past experiences and I definitely feel reconnected with nature. I also had digestive issues and ever since my second session I haven't had any issues.
I definitely recommend Gayle to all my friends and family. If you want holistic healing, this is the way to go. -Fatanah

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