I am a Consciousness Coach, Spiritual Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, and fitness coach.   Through energetic healing, mentoring, physical movement, and channeling of higher dimensional information,  I empower conscious embodiment from the inside out!I am on a mission to assist and activate you into becoming the best version of yourself!

I coach people one on one and in workshops on topics like Ascension, Light Body Activation, Spiritual Awakening, Healing, Activations, Spiritual Gifts, Channeling and Mentoring in all aspects of the Awakening journey.

I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade in Los Angeles. I started the beginning of my healing journey through fitness classes i found at a gym.  As a mother of 4, it was the only time i could really focus on ME. While going through the hardest time of my life as a single mother, I found self-love through connecting to my body and spirit.  I became an instructor and built a large following in LA which allowed me a big platform to change lives.   The inspirational words i spoke during class kept bringing people back and offered so much healing in their lives.  Little did I know, I was channeling higher dimensional information.  

I became a meditator and my hands would burn while meditation.  Source was guiding me and I became a Reiki Master.  Through this healing work I had a Spiritual Awakening and I began connecting to deeper and deeper levels of healing and connecting to the higher dimensions.  My intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts continued to expand.  I began making videos and transmissions while decoding the higher dimensional information I was receiving  and it has empowered so many beings from all over the planet.  Through my own personal Awakening and Ascension journey, I have gained the wisdom and insight to guide others on their Awakening journey.  I also have been in the stages myself of the journey, some call the “Dark Night of the Soul” that can feel extremely isolating and lonely.  When you awaken and your third eye opens, you begin to see past the veil and you raise your consciousness and frequency.  Many are now awakening on such an accelerated path now that it can feel that no one around you, even the closest people to you can understand you.  Your light can easily trigger others, and so much happens at once it can feel CRAZY!    This is why I started ELEVATE WITH GAYLE.  I kept my sanity on my awakening journey by finding the very little information online that was available and watching youtube videos that offered me confirmation that I wasn’t crazy. I wanted to create a safe space where people could connect, workout their physical bodies, meditate, build a community, find friends that were like-minded and receive guidance and confirmation on this wild ride.   A place where star seeds and light wokers can unite and work on raising the vibration together.  A place to ELEVATE!!!

While on my fitness journey,  I competed in the WBFF professional bodybuilding competition and I learned a lot about how important the balance of internal and external is.  When I was too focused on my physical body, my spiritual endurance suffered.  I also noticed this with clients.  The most success I’ve seen in my career is when the inner work is done along with the physical movement and training.  By “success”, I mean HAPPINESS and ALIGNMENT with the best version of YOU.  When you’re shining bright from the inside, it translates to all aspects of your life!   Now I have cracked the codes to manifest your BEST LIFE!!!   I have taken these codes and integrated fitness, healing, meditation, channeled transmissions and LIVE community workshops all in one!  

Join me on this amazing journey and continue to raise your frequency while connecting with other beautiful souls and activating your highest timeline and unlocking your unlimited potential!